The Best of Overton: 21 Top-Rated and Highly Recommended Things to Do

Located in Clark County, Nevada, Overton offers a plethora of activities, attractions, and natural wonders that appeal to both locals and tourists alike.

Nestled near the vibrant shores of Lake Mead and the impressive Hoover Dam, this charming town offers visitors a unique blend of outdoor adventures, historical landmarks, and cultural experiences.

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling recreational activities or a history enthusiast hoping to uncover the rich past of the region, Overton provides a range of opportunities to satisfy your interests.

With its stunning natural landscapes, fascinating historical sites, and friendly atmosphere, Overton is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored.

In this guide, we will delve into some of the top things to do in Overton, ensuring that your visit to this quaint town is an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and discovery.

1. Little Meadow


Located in the charming town of Overton, there are plenty of exciting activities to do in and around Little Meadow.

This beautiful green space provides a haven for both locals and tourists, and the best part is that dogs are allowed! So gather your furry friend and explore all that this lovely place has to offer.

One of the first things you can do in Little Meadow is take a leisurely stroll along the well-maintained walking paths.

With your dog by your side, you can both enjoy the fresh air and peaceful surroundings. The trails wind through lush greenery and offer picturesque views of the surrounding landscapes.


It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your canine companion while getting some exercise. For those seeking a more active experience, Little Meadow offers ample.

Rating: 9.4

Address: Kingsclere Rd, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HF, United Kingdom


2. Milestones Museum


Milestones Museum is an exciting and interactive family attraction located in Overton. This undercover museum offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to step back in time and explore recreated street scenes from the past.

The museum features a wide variety of vehicles, shops, and homes, all designed to provide an immersive and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Upon entering the Milestones Museum, visitors are transported to a bygone era.

The museum’s street scenes are meticulously recreated, complete with authentic buildings, vehicles, and props.


Walking through the streets, visitors can truly feel as if they have stepped into a different period. One of the highlights of Milestones Museum is the collection of vehicles on display. From vintage cars and bicycles to horse-drawn carriages.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +44 1256 639550

Address: Basingstoke Leisure Park, Churchill Way West, Basingstoke RG22 6PG, United Kingdom


3. Ashe Park


Ashe Park in Overton offers a range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

One of the highlights of this park is that dogs are allowed, making it a great place for dog owners to spend some quality time with their furry friends. Upon arrival at Ashe Park, you will be greeted by a spacious and well-maintained area.

The park features lush green grass and plenty of open space for dogs to run and play.


With the “dogs allowed” policy in place, you can feel at ease knowing that your four-legged companion can join in on the fun. Walking trails are available throughout the park, providing an excellent opportunity for you and your dog to explore the surroundings.

These trails are lined with beautiful trees and offer a peaceful and serene environment.

Rating: 9.2

Address: Basingstoke RG25 3AF, United Kingdom

4. Overton


Overton, a charming town nestled in the heart of [null], offers a plethora of exciting activities and attractions to explore.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, there is something for everyone in Overton. One of the must-visit attractions in Overton is the [null].

This stunning natural wonder is renowned for its breathtaking views and diverse wildlife. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, bird watching, or even take a scenic boat tour along the [null] River.


With its serene atmosphere and abundant natural beauty, the [null] is a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts. For history lovers, a trip to the [null] is a must. This intriguing museum delves into the rich history.

5. Bombay Sapphire Distillery


Located in Overton, the Bombay Sapphire Distillery is a must-visit destination for any gin enthusiast or those looking for an interesting and unique experience.

Housed in a historic red-brick mill, this gin distillery offers much more than just a chance to taste some delicious gin. One of the main highlights of the Bombay Sapphire Distillery is the guided tours.

Visitors have the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at the gin-making process, from the selection of botanicals to the distillation and bottling.


Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours provide a fascinating insight into the craftsmanship and artistry behind creating this iconic spirit. As part of the tour, visitors can also enjoy tastings of the different varieties of gin produced at the distillery.

Rating: 9.4

Phone: +44 1256 890090

Address: Laverstoke Mill, London Rd, Whitchurch RG28 7NR, United Kingdom


6. Overton Gallery


Overton Gallery is a must-visit destination in Overton, offering both in-store shopping and in-store pick-up options for customers.

With a wide range of activities and services available, this gallery provides a unique and enjoyable experience for art enthusiasts and shoppers alike.

When it comes to in-store shopping, Overton Gallery boasts a diverse collection of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.

From contemporary pieces to traditional masterpieces, there is something to suit every taste and preference.

Browsing through the gallery’s extensive selection is a delight, as you immerse yourself in the world of art and culture. The gallery showcases the works of local and international artists, providing a platform for emerging talents and established names alike.

Whether you are looking to add a.

Rating: 9.6

Phone: +44 1256 773143

Address: 20 High St, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HA, United Kingdom


7. Overton


Overton, a charming town located in [null], is a destination that offers a plethora of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, culture, or relaxation, Overton has something for everyone. One of the must-visit attractions in Overton is the [null]. This stunning natural wonder boasts breathtaking views and unique geological formations.

Visitors can explore the area through scenic hiking trails, take in the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, and even enjoy a picnic amidst nature’s splendor. For history enthusiasts, a visit to the [null] is highly recommended.


This museum showcases the rich heritage and cultural significance of Overton and its surrounding areas. From exhibits detailing the town’s early settlers to artifacts highlighting its industrial growth, the.

Rating: 8.4

Address: Overton station, Station Rd, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3JG, United Kingdom


8. Overton Community Centre


Overton Community Centre is a vibrant and welcoming place located in the heart of Overton. This multi-purpose facility offers a wide range of activities and events for people of all ages and interests.

Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, the center has something for everyone to enjoy. One of the main highlights of the Overton Community Centre is its state-of-the-art fitness center.

Equipped with modern exercise machines and a team of qualified trainers, it is the perfect place to get your daily workout.


From cardio machines to weightlifting equipment, there are plenty of options to choose from to help you stay fit and healthy. If you’re more inclined towards group activities, the center also hosts various fitness classes and group exercises.

From high-intensity interval training.

Rating: 8.8

Phone: +44 1256 770061

Address: 5 High St, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HB, United Kingdom


9. Overton Memorial Institute


null is a small town located in the heart of the countryside. Despite its size, there are plenty of things to do and see in Overton. One of the must-visit places is the Overton Memorial Institute.

This historic institution holds a significant place in the hearts of the locals. Established many years ago, the Overton Memorial Institute has played a vital role in the community. It has served as a center for education, culture, and community gatherings.

The institute has witnessed countless generations of residents pass through its doors, leaving behind a rich legacy. The Overton Memorial Institute is known for its beautiful architecture.

The impressive building stands tall and proud, showcasing intricate details and a sense of grandeur. Its design is reminiscent of a bygone.

Rating: 9

Phone: +44 1256 770265

Address: London Rd, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3NN, United Kingdom


10. Army Flying Museum


The Army Flying Museum in Overton offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of British Army aviation.

Here, you can explore a wide range of fighter planes, attack helicopters, and other aircraft that played pivotal roles in shaping the country’s military aviation. Stepping into the museum, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of aviation excellence.

The collection showcases various fighter planes, each with its own unique story.

From the iconic Spitfire to the powerful Harrier Jump Jet, you can witness the evolution of British military aircraft firsthand. As you make your way through the exhibits, you’ll encounter attack helicopters that have been crucial in many missions.


These powerful machines, such as the Apache and Lynx, have played significant roles in providing air support to ground forces.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +44 1264 781086

Address: Army Flying Museum, Kentsboro, Stockbridge SO20 8FB, United Kingdom


11. National Trust – The Vyne


Located in the charming town of Overton, one of the must-visit attractions is the National Trust – The Vyne.

This remarkable country house offers visitors a unique experience with its stunning stained glass chapel, picturesque ornamental lake, and fascinating walled kitchen garden.

Upon entering The Vyne, visitors are immediately captivated by the exquisite stained glass chapel.

The chapel’s intricate designs and vibrant colors create a mesmerizing atmosphere, making it a favorite spot for both history enthusiasts and art lovers alike.


Take a moment to admire the craftsmanship and appreciate the historical significance of this beautiful feature. As you explore the grounds, you will come across the enchanting ornamental lake.

The tranquil waters reflect the surrounding natural beauty, creating a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Rating: 9

Phone: +44 1256 883858

Address: Vyne Rd, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke RG24 9HL, United Kingdom


12. Charming Bedrooms at the White Hart Overton


The Charming Bedrooms at the White Hart Overton offer a delightful retreat in the heart of Overton. Elegantly designed, each room is a sanctuary of comfort and style.

The decor seamlessly blends modern sophistication with classic charm, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests are greeted by luxurious furnishings, plush bedding, and tasteful accents that reflect the inn’s commitment to excellence.

The attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the carefully selected color palette to the thoughtful placement of art and decor.


With a perfect balance of coziness and sophistication, the Charming Bedrooms at the White Hart Overton ensure a memorable and enchanting stay for every visitor.

Phone: +44 1256 771431

Address: Charming Bedrooms c/o, The White Hart, London Rd, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3NW, United Kingdom




PUEBLO in Overton offers a range of options for dining, including dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal, a quick bite on the go, or the convenience of having food delivered to your doorstep, PUEBLO has you covered. When it comes to dining in, PUEBLO provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal.

Whether you’re meeting up with friends, having a family outing, or going on a date, the restaurant offers a cozy and welcoming setting.

The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that your dining experience is enjoyable from start to finish. If you’re in a hurry or prefer to enjoy your meal elsewhere, PUEBLO also.

Rating: 9.8

Phone: +44 1256 770777

Address: 6a High St, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HA, United Kingdom


14. Laverstoke Park Farm


Laverstoke Park Farm, located in Overton, offers an array of activities and experiences for visitors to enjoy.

This idyllic farm is known for its sustainable and organic practices, making it an excellent destination for those interested in learning about and supporting ethical farming methods. One of the main attractions at Laverstoke Park Farm is the farm tour.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside surroundings while learning about the farm’s commitment to animal welfare and sustainable land management.

The knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the farm’s history, its organic farming techniques, and the various animals that call Laverstoke Park home.

Animal lovers will be delighted by the chance to get up close and personal with the farm’s resident animals.

From rare.

Rating: 9.4

Phone: +44 1256 772800

Address: Overton Wy, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3DR, United Kingdom


15. The Old House At Home


“The Old House At Home” is a charming establishment located in the beautiful town of Overton. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, it offers a myriad of exciting activities and experiences for visitors to enjoy.

From the moment you step foot into this quaint place, you will be captivated by its unique charm and warm ambiance. One of the main highlights of “The Old House At Home” is its exceptional dining experience.

Their menu showcases a delightful array of delectable dishes, carefully prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re a fan of traditional British cuisine or crave international flavors, you’re sure to find something to tantalize your taste buds.

The cozy interior and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. In addition to its culinary.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +44 1256 770335

Address: Station Rd, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3DU, United Kingdom


16. The Red Lion, Overton


The Red Lion in Overton offers a variety of options for those looking to enjoy a meal.

Whether you prefer to dine in, grab a takeaway, or have your food delivered, this establishment has got you covered. For those who enjoy a sit-down meal, the Red Lion provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

You can enjoy your food in their comfortable dining area, surrounded by the warm ambiance created by the rustic decor.

The friendly staff ensures that you have a pleasant experience, providing attentive service throughout your meal. If you’re in a hurry or simply prefer to enjoy your meal at home, the Red Lion also offers a convenient takeaway option.


You can place your order and pick it up at your convenience, allowing you to enjoy their delicious food.

Rating: 8.8

Phone: +44 1256 212053

Address: 37 High St, Red Lion Ln, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HQ, United Kingdom


17. Overton Station


Overton Station is a charming destination located in the heart of the town of Overton. Despite its small size, this quaint station offers a variety of delightful activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, Overton Station has something for everyone. One of the main highlights of Overton Station is its rich historical significance.

Dating back to the late 19th century, this station served as a vital transportation hub during the golden age of railways. Today, visitors can explore the beautifully preserved station building, which showcases its original architecture and design.

Inside, you will find fascinating exhibits and displays that offer insights into the station’s role in shaping the town’s development.

Address: Basingstoke RG25 3JH, United Kingdom

18. Overton Dramatic Society

Overton Dramatic Society is a vibrant and engaging place to visit in Overton. This local theater group is known for its outstanding performances and commitment to the arts.

With a diverse range of productions, there is always something exciting happening at Overton Dramatic Society. One of the main attractions of the Overton Dramatic Society is their exceptional talent and dedication to the craft.

The actors, directors, and crew members all work tirelessly to bring their productions to life. Whether it’s a classic play or a contemporary piece, the performances are always top-notch.

The actors’ ability to truly embody their characters is truly remarkable, leaving the audience captivated and moved. Not only does Overton Dramatic Society offer outstanding performances, but it also provides a welcoming.

Rating: 10

Address: High St, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HA, United Kingdom


19. Longdown Activity Farm


Longdown Activity Farm in Overton is a fantastic family attraction that offers an array of exciting activities for visitors of all ages. One of the main highlights of this place is the opportunity to interact with a variety of adorable farm animals.

From fluffy rabbits to cheeky goats, children and adults alike can enjoy getting up close and personal with these friendly creatures. In addition to the farm animals, Longdown Activity Farm also boasts a trampoline barn.

This exciting feature allows visitors to bounce and jump to their heart’s content, providing a fun-filled experience for energetic kids.


The trampoline barn is a great way for children to burn off some energy while having a blast. For younger children, there is a soft play area available at the farm.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +44 23 8029 2837

Address: Deerleap Ln, Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7EH, United Kingdom


20. Overton Methodist Church

Overton Methodist Church, located in the heart of Overton, offers a multitude of activities and events for individuals of all ages. With its rich history and welcoming atmosphere, the church serves as a hub for the community, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Whether you are a resident or just visiting, there are plenty of things to do at Overton Methodist Church to enrich your experience. One of the main attractions at Overton Methodist Church is their weekly worship services.

The church offers a variety of worship styles, catering to different preferences and spiritual needs.

From traditional hymns to contemporary music, the uplifting and inspiring services provide a meaningful opportunity for individuals to connect with their faith and find solace in a supportive community.

Address: 14 Winchester St, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HS, United Kingdom

21. Test Valley Golf Club


Test Valley Golf Club is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts visiting Overton. With its beautiful landscape and well-maintained courses, it offers a unique experience for players of all skill levels.

The club’s facilities include a driving range, practice areas, and a clubhouse, making it an ideal place to spend a day honing your golfing skills. Upon arriving at Test Valley Golf Club, visitors are greeted by the picturesque surroundings.

The rolling green hills and perfectly manicured fairways create a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for a peaceful round of golf.

The club’s dedication to maintaining the course’s beauty is evident in every aspect of its design. For those looking to improve their golfing abilities, the driving range at Test Valley Golf Club is great.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +44 1256 771737

Address: Micheldever Rd, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3DS, United Kingdom



Overton, Nevada offers a variety of exciting activities and attractions that cater to different interests.

From exploring the stunning Valley of Fire State Park to immersing oneself in the rich history of the Lost City Museum, visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences.

The small-town charm of Overton also adds to the appeal, with its friendly locals and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether it’s hiking through beautiful landscapes, learning about ancient civilizations, or simply relaxing in a peaceful environment, Overton provides a delightful getaway for tourists seeking a break from the bustle of city life.

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