30 Things to Do in the Half-moon Cay

30 Things to Do in the Half-moon Cay

Half-Moon Cay is an idyllic castaway island in the Bahamas. It is a small island with a white sandy beach and calm cerulean blue waters. This island is perfect for those who want to get away. On the island, you can do many things for adventure, hang out, have fun, and many more with your … Read more

Are Gore Tex Shoes Warm?

Yes, Gore-Tex shoes are warm. The material the shoe is made out of causes heat to be trapped within the shoe and then released when you walk or run. Source: andrewskurka Are Gore Tex Shoes Warm If you’re looking for a good winter shoe, Goretex might be a good option for you. This type of … Read more

Can You Vacuum Pack Down Jacket?

Can you vacuum pack down a jacket? Vacuum packing a down jacket will help to preserve its loft and insulation. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper vacuuming, as improper vacuuming can damage the insulation. Source: storagevault Can You Vacuum Pack Down Jacket It is always a good idea to purchase a vacuum … Read more

Nemo Tensor Alpine Vs Thermarest Xtherm?

Nemo Tensor Alpine is a thermal pad designed to provide superior insulation and comfort when used as a mattress or sleeping pad. Thermarest Xtherm is a thermal pad designed for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Source: averagehiker Nemo Tensor Alpine Vs Thermarest Xtherm When it comes to sleeping outdoors, there are few things as … Read more

How To Wash A Patagonia Vest?

Wash your Patagonia vest inside-out before you put it in the wash. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or hot water. Source: grandcircletrails How To Wash A Patagonia Vest If you’re ever planning on taking your Patagonia vest out for a spin, then it’s important to know how to wash … Read more

What Adapter Do I Need For Portugal?

If you are travelling to Portugal, you will need an adapter to plug into the different types of outlets. Portugal uses a three-pronged plug and many appliances use two pins instead of the typical three. You can find adapters at most convenience stores or online. Source: portugalvisitor What Adapter Do I Need For Portugal If … Read more

How To Pack A Formal Dress In A Suitcase?

Pack a formal dress in a suitcase to avoid wrinkles or creases when traveling. Follow these tips: -Wrap the dress in a cloth napkin or tissue paper and pack it tightly. -Pack the dress so that there is minimal space between the fabric and the suitcase walls. -Separate delicate fabrics from heavier materials, such as … Read more

Can You Bring Cheese Back From Italy?

Cheese is a type of food that is enjoyed all over the world. Unfortunately, when it comes to cheese in Italy, it can be very expensive and difficult to find. However, there are ways to bring cheese back from Italy without spending a fortune. For starters, travelers can try looking for local cheesemakers who sell … Read more

Is There Bullfighting In Barcelona?

There is no bullfighting in Barcelona, Spain. The city was home to the first modern bullring, but it closed in 1842 because of protests by animal rights activists. Source: Unfinishedman Is There Bullfighting In Barcelona There is no bullfighting in Barcelona, despite what you may have heard. There is a bullfighting festival in Barcelona every … Read more

How To Get To Normandy From England?

If you are planning a trip to Normandy, England, there are several ways to get there. You can fly into one of the many airports in France, or take a ferry from England. There are also numerous car rental agencies that will drive you and your belongings all the way to Caen, where most visitors … Read more