How To Fold The Hood On A Columbia Jacket?

If you want to keep your Columbia jacket looking sharp and new, it is important to know how to properly fold the hood. Here are some tips on how to do it: Start by unzipping the front of the jacket and folding it over so that the zipper is now in the middle of the chest.

Next, zip up the jacket from the bottom and pull out any excess fabric. To make sure that your folds are neat and tidy, use a hair dryer to heat up the fabric for about seconds. This will help them stay folded for longer periods of time. Finally, put your jacket away in a cool, dry place so that it can last longer.

Fold The Hood On A Columbia Jacket

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How To Fold The Hood On A Columbia Jacket

If you are looking for a versatile winter jacket that can be dressed up or down, then the Columbia jacket is a great option.

There are many different ways to fold the hood on this jacket- some of which are shown in the video below. Whatever way you choose, remember to keep your hood buckles and front pockets handy.

And last but not least, don’t forget the drawstring hood- it helps keep your head warm and snug.

Hood Buckles

It is important to know how to properly buckle a Columbia jacket hood so it stays put while you are active. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the type of hood you have.

When attaching the cord, make sure it is tight enough so that it doesn’t flap in the wind. If you are unsure about how to do it, ask someone else to help you with the process before leaving for your outdoor activity.

After you attach the cord and buckle the hood, test it out by adjusting the fit until it is comfortable and stays put during movement. Finally, make sure to store your Columbia jacket hood in a safe place when not in use so that it doesn’t get damaged or lost.

Front Pockets

When folding a hood on a Columbia jacket, it is important to keep the front pockets unfolded so that they can be used as handwarmer pockets.

To fold the hood, start by folding the bottom up towards the collar and then tuck in the sides. Next, fold over the top of the pocket and press down to secure.

Finally, make sure there is no excess fabric around the edges of the pocket and zigzag stitch if desired. Front pocket tips are essential for keeping your hands warm when you’re out and about.


When folding the hood on a Columbia jacket, keep these tips in mind to ensure a successful and properly fitted closure. The first step is to fold the collar up to the point where it meets the front of the jacket.

Then, grasp each end of the folded collar and pull it tight against the front of the jacket. Make sure that you secure both ends of the collar so that it doesn’t move during wear. Finally, tuck any excess fabric under the jacket’s arms and around its waistline.

Drawstring Hood

Folding the hood on a Columbia jacket is an easy task that helps keep you warm while out and about in the cold weather. To fold the hood, start by locating the two Velcro straps at the back of the jacket.

Hold each strap in your hand and pull it up to its full length. Now, cross each strap over one another, tucking them underneath so that they are secure; be sure not to twist them! Finally, pull up on the ends of the straps to tighten them up and create a folded hood shape.

If needed, you can adjust the fit of the folded hood by pulling or pushing on either end until it is snug against your head or neckline. Repeat these steps for the other side of your jacket, if desired. Enjoy your warm Columbia hood when temperatures drop outside this winter.

Step By Step Guide

Follow these steps to fold the hood on a Columbia jacket: a. With the jacket laid out flat, start at one of the side seams and unfold it so that it forms a triangle.

Fold the bottom half of the triangle up so that it covers the front of the jacket and press down evenly.c. Fold the top half of the triangle over so that it covers the back of the jacket and press down evenly.d.

Make sure all three sides are completely folded before securing with a button or zip. To remove the hood, simply unbutton or unzip it and pull it back off easily.

Fold The Hood In Front

Folding the hood in front of a Columbia jacket makes it easier to wear and take care of. By folding the hood in front, you can keep your head and neck warm while keeping your cold-weather gear hidden.

When folding the hood in front, make sure that the buttons are lined up so that they stay closed when worn. If you plan on wearing a scarf with your Columbia jacket, be sure to fold the scarf over the folded-over hood.

Keep your jacket folded in one place so that it does not get wrinkled and is easy to grab when needed. To prevent dirt and snow from getting into the fabric, be sure to shake off excess before storing your jacket away for winter.

If you do happen to get snow inside of your folded-over Columbia jacket, simply unzip it and shake it out before putting it back on. You can also machine wash your Columbia jacket if necessary without having to worry about shrinking or ruining. it

Fold The Hood Behind The Neck

Folding the hood behind the neck on a Columbia jacket makes it easier to keep your head and ears warm. This type of hood also allows you to conceal your face from precipitation or wind.

There are two ways to fold the hood on a Columbia jacket- one with a drawstring, and another without one. Withdrawing the excess fabric gives you more control over how tight or loose the hood is fits around your head.

If you want to use a snap closure for extra security, be sure to double-check that it’s properly fitted before hitting the streets in inclement weather conditions! While Columbia jackets come in many different sizes, they all have a standard fit for this foldable hood feature- so finding one should not be difficult.

If you find that the hood doesn’t fit snugly enough, adjusting it by pulling and stretching the fabric can do the trick easily. And lastly, if you lose or forget your foldable hood while out in harsh weather conditions, don’t worry- there are many other options available to keep you warm and dry on those cold days.

Close The Velcro Closure

To close the Velcro closure on a Columbia jacket, first, find the two sides of the Velcro closure and place them together so that they are lined up in the middle.

Pull the top portion of the Velcro closure closed by pulling it towards you while simultaneously pushing down on the bottom portion of the Velcro closure. Repeat these steps to close the Velcro closure on the other side of your Columbia jacket.


Colombia offers some of the best women’s jackets. To fold the hood of a Columbia jacket, first, unfold it so that the front and back panels are facing each other. Then fold the top panel down past the middle of the bottom panel, matching up the raw edges.

Finally, tuck in any excess fabric on both sides of the folded edge.

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