What Time Does Kennesaw Mountain Open?

Kennesaw Mountain

Open at 9:00am for your convenience, Major Holidays are closed during the day. Close at 5:00pm to give you time to relax and end your workday. We understand that life gets hectic sometimes, so we offer late night hours on select days too.

Check our website or call us if there is a change in closure schedule- we want to make sure you’re always able to get what you need. Thank You for choosing our store as your go-to place for essential oils.

What Time Does Kennesaw Mountain Open??

Open at 9:00am Close at 5:00pm Major Holidays are Closed We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm Our major holidays are New Year’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Can you drive up Kennesaw Mountain at night?

Kennesaw Mountain Park is a day use only park and open from dawn to dusk. Please refer to the hours posted on our gated lots before parking as any vehicles left at the park after the posted closing time are subject to being ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Kennesaw Mountain Park is a beautiful place for a hike during daylight, but be aware that there are no lights allowed in the park after dark except for emergency vehicles. Although we typically do not allow cars up onto Kennesaw Mountain overnight, please contact us in advance if you would like to explore this amazing mountain by foot or bike during nighttime hours.

We hope that you will come visit us soon – we sure enjoy seeing everyone here.

Do you have to pay to hike Kennesaw Mountain?

Kennesaw Mountain National Park charges an entrance fee for all visitors. You’ll need a valid pass to gain access to the park, which you can either print out or display on your mobile device if asked.

The visitor center is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Don’t forget to bring cash as there are no ATMs inside the park. Kennesaw Mountain National Park offers plenty of activities for everyone including hiking and biking trails, picnicking areas and more.

Can you still drive up Kennesaw Mountain?

Although the mountain road is closed on weekends and holidays, you can still drive up Kennesaw Mountain by taking a shuttle bus. The mountain road is open Monday through Friday excluding major holidays and weather permitting.

Parking at the top of the mountain is free for visitors during regular business hours but there is a minimal fee to ride on the shuttle bus during these times as well. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park offers various tours throughout the year that are perfect for anyone interested in history or nature; it’s also home to one of metro Atlanta’s most popular resort destinations, Sky Valley Resort & Spa.

If you’re looking for an adventure outside of town, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park should definitely be high on your list.

Is the road to the top of Kennesaw Mountain open?

You can hike and cycle to the top of Kennesaw Mountain every day, weather permitting. There is a parking lot at the top of the mountain for hikers and cyclists that are not private vehicle users.

The road is open to vehicles on Monday through Friday, free of charge. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park recommends arriving early in order to get a parking spot as it gets crowded during peak hours.

Visitors should note that there are no restrooms or water available on top of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Is Kennesaw Mountain a hard hike?

Kennesaw Mountain is a moderately difficult out-and-back hike that summits the mountain, grabbing stunning, extensive views from the peak’s rocky, open peak.

The Kennesaw Mountain Trail climbs a rocky, shaded, steeply-pitched terrain to the summit – making it a moderately challenging but relatively short hike. Although this moderately difficult hike may be strenuous for some people, its rewards are well worth it: magnificent views of Atlanta and surroundings.

Keep in mind that Kennesaw Mountain can get quite crowded during summer months; plan your trip accordingly. If you’re up for an adventure and want to see some beautiful scenery while hiking—check out Kennesaw Mountain.

Is Kennesaw Mountain open on Sunday?

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Visitor Center offers information about the park and its attractions. The visitor center is open Monday – Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm except on major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years).

You can find out what activities are available at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park through their website or by calling the visitor center. Admission to the park is free every day of the year, with the exception of major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Visitors can get directions to the visitor center from any part of town using GPS coordinates so they don’t have to worry about finding it again once they’re there.

How long of a hike is Kennesaw Mountain?

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is a great place to hike, with the 1.1 mile climb to the top of Big Kennesaw Mountain being one of the most popular things to do.

The park offers multiple trails for hikers of all levels and distances, so everyone can find something that fits their needs and interests. The views from atop Big Kennesaw are amazing, whether you take the easy route up or go for an extra challenge by ascending the mountain’s summit instead.

Make sure you visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park during daylight hours; at nightfall it becomes very dark outside and dangerous trekking conditions may arise. Be aware that there is always a danger of lightning strikes in areas near mountains, so make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as well as proper gear if you plan on hiking at NBP during summer months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get parking pass for Kennesaw Mountain?

To get a parking pass for Kennesaw Mountain, visitors can purchase an online digital pass through Recreation.gov or come into the Visitor Center at 900 Kennesaw Mountain Drive to purchase a hard copy pass.

Is there a Parking fee at Kennesaw Mountain?

There is a fee to use the parking lots at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. You can purchase a daily pass for $5 or an annual pass for $40.

Can kids hike Kennesaw Mountain?

Hike the Environmental Trail, exploring the base of Kennesaw Mountain on an easy one-mile loop. With signs that teach about Kennesaw Mountain’s forest and wildlife, it’s a kid-friendly hike, but great for adults as well.

Are dogs allowed at Kennesaw Mountain?

Dogs are allowed on trails at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park but not in the Visitor Center. Service animals are an exception. It is very important to take care of your furry friend while at the mountain.

How busy is Kennesaw Mountain?

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is a national park that has 2,593,725 visits in 2017.

What is the elevation of Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia?

Kennesaw Mountain is located in Fulton County, Georgia.

How long does it take to walk up and down Kennesaw Mountain?

The average time to walk up and down Kennesaw Mountain is 1 h 18 min.

Can you ride bikes at Kennesaw Mountain?

Yes, bicycles are permitted on Kennesaw Mountain. Please check the signage or visit our visitor center for more information.

How difficult is the hike up Stone Mountain?

Stone Mountain is a 9.8 mile hike with moderate difficulty rated by the AARP as easy to medium. The hiking trail starts out parallel to I-75, but turns east after 7 miles and ends at the summit of Stone Mountain.

To Recap

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park opens at 8am every day except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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