What Is The Difference Between Garmin Earthmate And Explore?

Garmin Earthmate And Explore

Earthmate Legacy InReach Software is a great way to explore your surroundings and plan your trips on mobile and desktop devices. The inReach Masterclass addresses the challenges of transitioning to a modern age, such as privacy concerns and data management.

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What Is The Difference Between Garmin Earthmate And Explore?

Earthmate Legacy InReach Software offers travelers a variety of features to explore, including trip planning, navigation and analysis on mobile and desktop devices.

To help prepare for the challenges of transitioning to a modern age, join an inReach Masterclass. These sessions will cover topics like communication strategies and digital resources.

Keep your travels safe with tips from our experts on how to use your inReach device safely while travelling abroad. Make sure you have the latest version of Earthmate Legacy InReach software before hitting the road – it’s free for registered users.

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Earthmate Legacy InReach Software

Garmin Earthmate is a GPS device that can be paired with an Explore handheld unit to provide real-time tracking of your outdoor activities. The Legacy InReach software offers expanded capabilities and features, such as the ability to send alerts when you reach specific points or destinations, or receive updates about your group’s location and activity levels.

You can also use Earthmate to record routes, track data from physical activity monitors, measure distances traveled and monitor weather conditions in real time. The Legacy InReach system is available now for pre-order at select retailers and will ship beginning in late spring 2019. For more information on the differences between Earthmate legacy InReach software and Explore handheld devices, please visit our website or contact us today.

Explore – Trip Planning, Navigation and Analysis on Mobile and Desktop Devices

Garmin Earthmate is a mobile app that helps you plan and navigate your trips, while Explore is the desktop software that gives you all the tools to analyze your routes and data.

Both apps have been redesigned for 2017 with new features like real-time traffic updates and route planning based on elevation changes. You can use them together or separately depending on what you need for your trip – from navigation to tracking progress.

If you’re looking for an easy way to plan your travels, Garmin Earthmate is the app for you. And if you want more control over how your data’s used, explore Explore – it’s perfect for explorers of all levels of expertise.

inReach Masterclass: Address the Challenges of Transitioning to a Modern Age

Garmin Earthmate is a satellite-based mapping system that offers advanced navigation capabilities and tracking of your outdoor activities. Explore is the newest addition to Garmin’s line of GPS receivers, providing drivers with real-time traffic updates and route guidance on major highways in the United States.

InReach Masterclass tackles some of the challenges you may face when transitioning to a modern age, such as making sure all devices are communicating securely and understanding how geolocation can be used for both personal safety and business purposes. Gain insights on how technology can help you stay organized, learn new skills or just have more fun while exploring new places – no matter where you are in the world.

Register now for this free event so that you don’t miss out on valuable advice from industry experts who will help make .your transition easier.

Is the Garmin inReach Explorer discontinued?

The Garmin inReach Explorer is a discontinued device. This means that it has been replaced by another product or that the company no longer makes it. If you’re looking for a replacement, we recommend checking out our top picks for devices like the Magellan Echo 60 and TomTom Spark 3.

The Garmin InReach SE and Explorer have been discontinued. However, you can still purchase them new at the current prices of $260 and $305. The devices are currently compatible with iOS and Android devices.

What is Garmin Earthmate?

Garmin Earthmate is a portable GPS system that can be used to track your location and movements. It has many features, including maps of different areas, tracking of routes traveled and more.

  • Garmin Earthmate is a GPS navigation device that provides detailed maps of the area you are exploring. You can use it to navigate your way around and set waypoints along your route.
  • With its built-in GPS, you can track your progress as you explore the area. The device also allows you to determine your location at any time by inputting coordinates into the map application or via satellite tracking services likeGarmin Express or BaseCamp.
  • Earthmate also includes features for managing and planning trips, including setting up Waypoint files with specific destinations and notes, creating custom routes, calibrating bearings, recording tracks and more.
  • Finally, Garmin Earthmate offers an easy-to-use mapping interface that makes finding what you’re looking for a breeze.
  • If all this sounds too good to be true then don’t worry – there’s more. For instance, GarminEarthMate comes equiped with both audible (tactical) alerts as well as vibration feedback so that even in noisy environments you’ll always know where everyone on your team is located simultaneously.

Does Earthmate work without cell service?

Earthmate does work without cell service, but there are some limitations. For example, you can’t use the app to track your vehicle’s location or receive alerts about its status.

Earthmate App

You don’t need cell service to use the Earthmate app. The app allows you to track your vehicle’s location, speed, and distance traveled in real time. You can also access information about the battery life and fuel levels of your car.

GPS Tracking

The Earthmate app uses a built-in GPS system totrack your car’s location in real time. This feature is useful if you want to know where your car is at all times or if you lost track of it for some reason.

On-Screen Presentation

The on-screen presentation provides you with information about the status of your car such as battery life, fuel level, and speedometer readings. It is easy to navigate and makes it easy to get an overview of all the data that is being collected by the Earthmate app.

What is Garmin Explore for?

Garmin Explore is a software that’s compatible with devices like smartphones and tablets to help you sync them, plan trips and track your activity throughout the day.

It also helps you review your past activities so you can improve your fitness goals. You can use it on both Android and iOS devices, making it easy to access no matter where you are.

Can you use Garmin inReach Explorer without subscription?

Yes, you can use the inReach Explorer+/SE+ without a subscription. The “Welcome Communication Features” screen on your Garmin will show an option to skip the intro and start using the device right away.

From there, all of your messages and contacts are available for viewing just like if you were subscribed to a service. You don’t need a contract or any other type of commitment from Garmin in order to enjoy this feature; it’s completely free.

So whether you’re looking for an extra communication tool or just want to save some money, the inReach Explorer+/SE+ is perfect for you.

Is Garmin making a new inReach?

Yes, Garmin is currently developing a new inReach model called the inReach SE+. The inReach SE+ will be an upgrade over the current inReach Explorer+ model and include features like greater range and durability.

You can pre-order the inReach SE+ now at select retailers, so don’t miss out on this exciting development. Stay tuned for more information about this new product as it becomes available.

What is the difference between Garmin inReach SE and explorer?

Garmin inReach SE is a satellite communicator that lets you send and receive messages from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Garmin explorer is a GPS navigator that can help you find your way on land, water and air.


The inReach SE is a basic model that does not include many of the features found on the more expensive explorers, such as two-way texting or topo maps. However, it does have a digital compass and accelerometer for tracking your movement.

Two-way Texting

One of the main advantages of the explorer models is their ability to send and receive text messages. This allows you to keep track of your location and status even if you’re out of range from your base station.

Topo Maps

Topo maps give you detailed views of terrain around you so that you can navigate easily without having to use map coordinates. They are also useful for finding specific landmarks or points of interest.

Digital Compass

A digital compass helps you orient yourself by showing which direction is north, south, east or west relative to true North (the Earth’s axis). It works best when there is little light available; in dark conditions it may not work as well because altimeters rely on ambient light readings instead of GPS signals alone. This feature can be quite helpful while hiking or climbing mountains. Barometric Altimeter An altimeter measures air pressure differences above ground level and uses this data to calculate altitude changes over time – perfect for climbers who want precise information about how far they’ve climbed up a mountain.

To Recap

Garmin Earthmate and Explore are two different GPS devices made by Garmin. They both have features that make them great for mapping, tracking activities, and navigating.

The main difference between the two is that Earthmate has a color screen while Explore does not.

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