How To Tighten The Back Strap Of Chacos?

When it comes to chacos, they are versatile and comfortable sandals that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. However, the back strap on a chaco can become loose over time, which can cause discomfort when wearing them.

There are a few ways to tighten the back strap of a chaco, but all of them require some level of expertise. If you want to keep your chacos in great condition for years to come, then it is important to learn how to tighten the back strap properly.

There are also certain brands of chacos that come with a built-in tightening system, which makes this task even easier. So if you own a set of chacos and want them to last longer, then learning how to tighten the back strap is a must.

Tighten The Back Strap Of Chacos

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How To Tighten The Back Strap Of Chacos

When it comes to wearing chacos, one of the most important things is ensuring that the back strap is tight enough so that your feet are adequately secured.

However, over time, this strap can become loose. In order to tighten it up, you will need to loosen the buckle and then pull the strap tightly against the footbed.

Finally, you will need to replace the buckle.

Loosen The Buckle

If the back strap on your chacos are loose, it may be time to tighten them up. Follow these simple steps to tighten the buckle on your chacos:

a) Pull the strap out of the loop

b) Place one hand inside the loop and hold onto both ends of the strap while pulling with your other hand

c) With both hands still holding onto the ends of the strap, twist it clockwise as far as possible

Pull The Strap Tightly Against The Chaco’S Footbed

If you’re having trouble keeping your chaco’s backstrap tight against the footbed, there are a few simple steps you can take to tighten it up.

Holding the strap in one hand and pulling the buckle with the other, pull the strap tight against the footbed. Make sure to do this both on the front and back straps of your chaco.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that your chaco stays secure and fits comfortably on your feet. If you find that your chaco is starting to loosen or slide off of your feet, try tightening up the straps again before using them.

Replace The Buckle

If your Chaco’s back strap has started to loosen, it is easy to tighten it up with a few quick steps. To tighten the back strap of your Chaco, start by taking off the buckle.

After removing the buckle, use a hex key to adjust the tension on the strap. Once you have adjusted the tension, reattach the buckle and you are ready to go.

Keep in mind that if your Chaco does not have a replaceable buckle, it is best to get a new sandal! Replacing the buckle on your Chaco will keep it in good condition for years to come.

Make sure to take care of your Chaco by regularly tightening its back strap.

How To Check The Back Strap Tightness

When checking the back strap tightness of your chaco sandals, be sure to do it before you put them on and after every time you take them off.

Check that the straps are not too tight or too loose by pulling one end of the strap away from the shoe. If one end of the strap is pulled away from the shoe, then the strap is too loose; if the strap does not move, then the strap is too tight.

If one end of the strap is still attached to the shoe, then it is correct and does not need to be adjusted. To adjust a loose strap: Hold one end of strap in hand and pull up on it until it reaches desired tension (tug lightly on ends while adjusting).

To adjust a tight strap: Insert one finger between straps and pull up until desired tension is reached (tug lightly on ends while adjusting). Be sure to tighten both straps evenly so they are at same tension when shoes are worn down flat on the floor (use fingers to tug each strap once).

How To Loosen The Back Strap Of Chacos

If the back strap of your chaco sandals feels too tight, you can loosen it by pulling up on the buckle end. Moving the strap from side to side may also help loosen it up.

You can also try using a shoe horn to pull the strap in different directions if needed. Once the strap is loosened, reattach it by pushing the buckle end into place and pulling up on the strap.

Make sure not to over-tighten the strap as this could cause damage to your chacos or cause them to be difficult to put on and take off.

How To Make A Repair

Chaco offer some of the best women’s travel sandals for long distance travel. If there is a problem with the back strap on your Chaco sandals, there are a few steps you can take to make the repair. If the strap is frayed or worn away, begin by cutting off the damaged section of the strap.

Next, using fabric glue and a needle, attach a new piece of strap to the raw edge of the old strap. Make sure that you keep the ends of both straps even so that they lay flat against each other when attached. Finally, stitch around the entire perimeter of the repaired area making sure to go through all three layers of fabric.

When you are finished, wet your palms and apply pressure to the glued area for a minute or two. Now let Chaco sandals dry completely before wearing them again.


There are a few ways to tighten the back strap of Chaco’s shoes. One way is to use a key ring with a small screwdriver inserted into the hole on the keyring, and turn it clockwise while holding the shoe in place.

Another way is to use a coin as weight and hold it against the back strap while turning the buckle with your fingers.

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