How To Make A Rain Fly From A Tarp?

If you want to enjoy some privacy and protection from the elements when camping or hiking, a rain fly is a perfect solution.

This type of cover can be easily made from a tarp using simple tools and materials, allowing you to get all of the benefits of weather protection without having to lug around an extra piece of gear.

Make A Rain Fly From A Tarp

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How To Make A Rain Fly From A Tarp

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your outdoor space looking tidy and clean, then a rain fly may be the perfect solution for you.

All you need is a Tarp and some scissors! Here’s how to make one: Buy a Tarp– The size of the Tarp that you’ll need will depend on the size of the space that you want to cover.

Measure the size of the Tarp that you want to fly– You’ll need this information to cut the Tarp to the correct size. Cut the Tarp to the Correct Size– Once you’ve measured it, use scissors to cut the Tarp into its desired shape.

Stitch The Edges of The Tarp Together– Make sure that each edge of the Tarp is neatly stitched together so that water cannot get inside. Attach A Rope To One End Of The Tarp And Tie It Off– Now that all of the stitching is done, tie off one end of the rope so that it hangs down evenly.

Repeat Steps – On The Other End– Make sure that both ends of the rope are tied off securely so that there is no chance of it coming loose in windy conditions!

Buy A Tarp

When it comes to rain gear, many people forget the most important part: a tarp! A tarp can be used in a variety of ways and is perfect for emergency preparedness.

Not only can you use it as an emergency shelter, but you can also make a rain fly! Follow these simple steps to make your own rain fly from a tarp: First, cut the tarp into an appropriate size for your window or door opening.

Next, fold the top half of the tarp in on itself so that there is an open space inside of it. Finally, sew or glue the open edge of the top half of the tarp to the folded edge of the bottom half of the tarp. Make sure that all four corners are sealed by sewing or gluing them down firmly.

You now have a sturdy rain shelter for your outdoor needs.

Measure The Size Of The Tarp You Want To Fly

Before beginning, it is important to measure the size of the tarp you want to fly. To make a rain fly from a tarp, start by cutting it into an appropriate size and shape.

Next, fold the edges of the tarp in half so that they form a crease. Make sure that the crease is centered on one edge of the tarp. Then, fold each corner of the tarp inward so that they meet in the middle of the folded edge.

Finally, press down firmly on each corner to seal them together and create your rain fly!

Cut The Tarp To The Correct Size

When making a rain fly, it is important to first cut the tarp to the correct size. It is also important to make sure that you have the right materials and tools before starting.

Once you have the right supplies, it is time to start cutting the tarp into the right shape. Follow the instructions provided to ensure a perfect outcome with your rain fly.

Stitch The Edges Of The Tarp Together

To make a rain fly from a tarp, first, measure the size of your opening and cut the tarp to fit. Next, mark the edges of the tarp with a pencil so that you can stitch it together later.

Stitch along the marked lines using a needle and thread. Make sure that the stitches are close to the edge of the tarp so that water will not leak through. Finally, fold over the taped edges of the tarp and press them down firmly.

Attach A Rope To One End Of The Tarp And Tie It Off

To make a rain fly for your tent, attach a rope to one end of the tarp and tie it off. This will create a loop that you can then hang from a tree or branch.

When it is time to use your rain fly, just pull it down and open the loop. You can also tie the ends of the tarp together at one point if you want it to be more sturdy.

Make sure to keep the edges of the tarp clean so that water doesn’t seep through and damage your gear inside your tent during a rainfall event. As long as you take proper precautions when making and using your rainfly, you’ll have an easy time enjoying camping in any weather condition.

Repeat Steps 4 – 5 On The Other End

To create a rain fly for your tent, follow these simple steps: First, unfold the tarp and locate the two long edges. Fold each long edge inward so it forms a crease and then presses to secure.

Make sure the top of the folded edge is even with the bottom of the opposite fold and then sew along both sides of the crease using a running stitch or zigzag stitch. Next, fold down one of the short ends so it’s shorter than either of the folded edges and press firmly in place.

Take hold of one end of the short end that you just folded down and pull it up so it forms a loop. Now take hold of the other end of the short end that you just pulled up and thread it through the loop that you made in step Finally, tie off both ends securely to form a knot.

Cutting The Tarp Into Sections

To create a rain fly from your tarps, cut them into sections of the desired size. After cutting the tarps, simply gather and tie each one into a knot.

Next, make sure that all of the loose ends are secured by tying them off once again. Finally, hang your rain fly using either rope or wire hangers.

Attaching The Tarp To The Frame Of Your Tent

When attaching the tarp to the frame of your tent, first make sure that you have attached it in the right way. There are a few different ways to attach the tarp to the frame of your tent depending on what type of tent you are using.

You can use clips, ties, or straps to attach the tarp to the frame of your tent. Once you have attached the tarp to the frame of your tent, make sure that it is stretched tight across all edges. If there is any water seeping through the seams of your tent, then you will need to seal them with a waterproofing agent.

Before storing your camping gear for winter, be sure to clean and dry both the tarp and frame of your tent. Make sure that everything is stored in a safe place so that it doesn’t get damaged during winter weather conditions. Be prepared for inclement weather when camping by having a good rain fly on your tent ready to go.

Making The Grommets For The Roof

When making a rain fly, it is important to follow the steps carefully in order to ensure success. To make grommets for your roof, use a hole saw and a drill bit that is at least an inch larger than the diameter of the grommet you are using.

Drill holes in the corners of the tarp and then attach them with screws or nails. Make sure that each grommet has a washer and nut on either side of it before attaching it to the tarp. After attaching all of the grommets, cut strips off of the excess fabric and tie them around the rafters to form a canopy.

If you need more support for your rainfly, you can add poles or beams to its frame. Be sure to seal all seams with waterproofing before hanging your rainfly for protection from weather conditions.


Making a rain fly from a tarp is a great way to keep your gear dry while you’re out camping or hiking. All you need is some materials and a little ingenuity.

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