How To Get To Vernazza From Venice?

If you’re looking to explore the beautiful town of Vernazza in Italy, then you’ll need to get there via Venice. Here are some tips on how to make the trip happen: Fly into Venice and take a train from there.

Alternatively, take a bus from your airport to Venezia Mestre station. From there, take a ferry ride to Vernazza. If driving is more your speed, follow this route: Drive north on the Auntil you reach Parenzo exit, then turn left and drive for about minutes until you reach Vernazza.

Finally, if taking public transportation isn’t an option for you and parking is scarce, consider renting a car in Venice and taking the ferry to Vernazza.

Vernazza From Venice

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How To Get To Vernazza From Venice

If you want to visit the stunning town of Vernazza from Venice, then you will need to take a train from Venice and then a bus from Bologna. From Chioggia, you can take a boat ride to Vernazza.

Take The Train From Venice To Bologna

Trains connect Venice and Bologna, making it easy to get to Vernazza from either city. You can buy a ticket before you leave your home in Venice, or purchase one on the train.

To save time and money, book tickets in advance for travel during high season. Buses also connect Venice and Bologna, but they are not as efficient as trains because of the traffic between the two cities.

If driving is an option for you, take note of the tolls that will be charged when traveling between Venice and Bologna. Parking in both cities can be difficult to find close to the train stations or bus stops.

Keep in mind that many tourist attractions are located near the rail station and bus stop in Vernazza so it’s worth planning your trip around these areas first. If you’re looking for accommodations while visiting Vernazza, consider booking a room in one of the hotels near the train station or bus stop beforehand.

In addition to trains and buses, bicycles are another way to get between Venice and Bologna without having to worry about traffic jams or parking issues. Take advantage of all transportation options available to get from Venice to Bologna quickly and easily.

From Bologna, Take A Bus To Vernazza

From Bologna, take a bus to Vernazza and enjoy the beautiful views from the Mediterranean Sea. The bus ride will only take about an hour, so it’s a great way to get out of town and experience something new.

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance online or at the bus station so you don’t have to wait in line. You can also take a train from Bologna to Vernazza, but be aware that the trip takes longer and is more expensive.

If you decide to drive, be sure to check traffic conditions before traveling as there can be long delays on highways during peak season. Parking in Vernazza can be difficult, but there are lots of options nearby if needed.

Vernazza is known for its seafood restaurants and gelato shops, so make sure to try some of each while you’re there! If you find yourself wanting more than just sightseeing, Vernazza has plenty of shops and boutiques where you can find unique gifts for friends and family back home.

For entertainment, head over to one of the many beaches located near town or explore the wine cellars that line the shoreline promenade district. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your camera along for some stunning photos of this unforgettable Italian city.

From Vernazza, Take A Boat To Chioggia

To get to Vernazza from Venice, take a boat ride to Chioggia. From Chioggia, you can walk or take a bus to Vernazza. If arriving by car, park in the town of Vernazza and follow the signs to the pier where boats depart for the island.

The journey takes about an hour and a half and there are several stops along the way for refreshments or lunch. The trip is scenic with views of the Ligurian Sea and Venetian islands in the distance. Upon arrival in Vernazza, explore the narrow streets lined with brightly painted houses and churches.

Have lunch at one of the many cafes before taking a stroll down to see the lively harbor filled with small boats carrying tourists to their destinations around Venice Island. If time permits, walk back up through town to admire the picturesque villages nestled among olive trees, before returning to your transport waiting onshore in Vernazza harbor.

You can also explore nearby Punta della Dogana (Point of Sale) which offers stunning views across Venetian lagoon towards Murano Glass making factory while shopping at local artisanal producers shops like glass blowers and potters who work right on site in their studios/shops Although there are numerous boat departures throughout the day, tickets sell out quickly so it is best to buy your ticket in advance online or at one of the tourist offices located close to Punta della Dogana.

Map Of The Route

If you’re looking to get to Vernazza from Venice, there’s a fairly straightforward route that you can take. The most direct way is to take the Amotorway north to the town of Genoa and then take the SS heading east towards Vernazza.

Another option would be to take the SS heading south from Venice and then head east on the SS after reaching Vernazza. There are also several scenic routes available if you want to see more of the surrounding areas while travelling to Vernazza.

Finally, should you need a ride from one destination to another, Viva Viaggi offers affordable car rental services all around Italy. Knowing how to get to Vernazza from Venice will make your trip easier and less time consuming.

How To Take The Bus

There are several ways to get to Vernazza from Venice. You can take a bus, boat, or train.To take the bus, you can either buy tickets at the station before you go or purchase them online.

The cost of taking the bus depends on where you are going and when you leave. The earlier you leave, the more expensive your ticket will be.When taking the bus, make sure to bring your passport and visa if necessary.

Remember to pack enough food and water because there is no food or water available on the buses. If traveling by boat, remember to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and insect repellent because there is no shade on the boats.

Trains depart from different stations in Venice so make sure to check which station corresponds with Vernazza before leaving for your trip.

How To Get A Boat

The best way to get to Vernazza from Venice is by boat. Boats leave from the Stazione Marittima in Venice and make the trip each day. Tickets for the boat can be bought online or at a ticket booth near the Stazione Marittima.

The journey takes about two hours, so it’s important to plan ahead if you want to take the trip. You can also take ferries from other parts of Italy, but boats are the easiest and most scenic way to reach Vernazza. When travelling by boat, it’s important to dress warmly in order to enjoy the scenery while on route.

There are several restaurants and bars on board that offer drinks and snacks throughout the journey. If you’re staying in Vernazza for more than a day, hopping on a boat back to Venice is an easy option. Ferries also run frequently between Venice and Mestre, so it’s possible to visit both cities in one day by boat.

Pack your bags early because disembarking at Vernazza can be quite a process.

How To Get A Taxi

Getting to Vernazza from Venice can be a difficult task, depending on when you’re trying to leave. If you’re departing early in the morning or during the evening rush hour, it can be hard to find a taxi.

You may have better luck walking to the train station and taking the first train that leaves for Vernazza. If you’re departing later in the day or at night, there are usually more taxis available. It’s important to know how much it will cost you to get to Vernazza from Venice before you make your decision whether or not to take a taxi.

Be aware of traffic conditions before leaving for Vernazza and factor that into your taxi fare estimate as well. Taxis often wait near popular tourist destinations like Piazza San Marco so don’t worry if you don’t see one immediately outside of Venice City Walls.. Always ask your driver if he knows any shortcuts or routes that will save you time and money on your journey.

Before getting into the cab, write down the driver’s name, license plate number, and phone number so that you can contact him if there is a problem on your ride home. . Enjoy your stunning view of Venice while travelling home- knowing that you got there safely thanks to these simple tips.


To get to Vernazza from Venice, one can take a bus or train. The journey takes around two and a half hours by bus and around three hours by train.

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