How To Get To Normandy From England?

If you are planning a trip to Normandy, England, there are several ways to get there. You can fly into one of the many airports in France, or take a ferry from England. There are also numerous car rental agencies that will drive you and your belongings all the way to Caen, where most visitors stay.

Get To Normandy From England

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How To Get To Normandy From England

If you want to get to Normandy from England, the best way to do it is by taking a ferry, flying, driving or riding on a train.

Take A Ferry

If you’re looking to travel between Normandy and England, the best option is to take a ferry. There are several options available, including ferries that run between Portsmouth and Caen, as well as ferries that run between Dover and Calais.

Get a Ferry Schedule

You can find ferry schedules online or at your local port. You’ll need to know the name of the port you’re trying to reach and the time of day that the ferry leaves.

Know What To Bring With You

Make sure you have your passport, driver’s license, and boarding pass for the ferry.

Have The Cash Ready

The fare for a ferry ride is usually quite expensive, so make sure you have enough money on hand to cover it.

Arrive Early

Ferry trips can be very crowded, so it’s important to arrive early in order to get a spot on the boat.

Don’t Miss The Boat!

If you miss the ferry, there are usually waiting times until the next one arrives


You may want to consider booking your flights in advance if you are intending on visiting Normandy during the summer months. Flying into Normandy from England is possible, but it will cost more money and take more time.

Another option would be flying into Paris then taking a bus or train to Normandy. If you’re only interested in seeing Normandy’s beaches, then flying into Paris and renting a car may be best for you. If you have time, there are also other options such as walking or cycling through the countryside of Normandy.

Make sure to factor in visa requirements when planning your trip to Normandy; they can vary depending on where you’re from and what type of visa you have. Be aware that parking can be difficult to find and expensive in some areas around town while exploring by foot or bike. Finally, bear in mind that weather conditions can change rapidly in France so plan accordingly! When traveling to Normandy, remember that cell phone service is limited outside of major cities so pack an emergency charger just in case! Remember to enjoy every moment because memories made in France tend not to fade away quickly.


When it comes to planning your trip to Normandy, you will want to know the best way to get there. You can fly or drive to Normandy depending on what is more convenient for you and your schedule.

If you’re flying, make sure to book your tickets early in order to find the best deals. Driving from England to Normandy is a journey that will take about hours. The best time of year to visit Normandy is spring or fall because of the weather conditions.

Bring necessary supplies such as water, snacks, and sunscreen when driving to Normandy because there are no services available along the way. Make sure you have a map of France and an idea of where you’re going before departing so that you don’t get lost on your way there.

Be aware of traffic regulations in France and obey them at all times while driving so that you don’t get pulled over or fined. Familiarize yourself with local customs before arriving in Normandy so that nothing surprises you once you arrive! Remember that parking can be difficult in some areas around Rouen and Bayeux, so plan ahead and try not to drive too close to the edge of the road.

Ride On A Train

If you’re looking to travel from England to Normandy, the best way to do it is by riding on a train. Trains are fast and comfortable, and they’ll take you right to your destination without any hassle. Just be sure to research which trains go where before you leave, so that you don’t get lost or stranded in France.

How Much Does It Cost?

Train travel is a great way to get from one place to another, but there are a few things you need to know before boarding your train. The first thing you need to do is figure out how much it will cost you. You can find this information on the websites of the train companies that you are using.

When To Book Your Train Tickets

If you want to make sure that you get the best seats on the train, you should book your tickets as soon as possible. This way, you will have plenty of time to choose which seats are best for you and your luggage.

What To Bring With You On The Train

In order for your trip to be comfortable, it is important to bring along some basics like a blanket or pillow, headphones, and snacks. Make sure that everything that you bring is safe and easy to transport in case of an emergency.

Tips For Staying Safe On The Train

When travelling by train, it is important to remember these safety tips:
-Never drink alcohol while on board a train
-Stay aware of your surroundings
-Keep all bags close to you at all times
-Avoid talking with strangers

How To Get Around Normandy

To get around Normandy, there are a few different options you can explore. Drive – The easiest way to get around is by driving. The roads are well-maintained and the distances between towns and villages are short.

Take the Train – Another option is to take the train. Trains run regularly throughout the area and connect all of the major towns and villages. Fly – If flying is your preferred method, then you’ll want to consider flying into one of the larger airports in Normandy such as Lorient or Le Havre.

Rent A Car – If you don’t have time to explore Normandy by car or train, then renting a car may be an option for you. There are a variety of rental companies available in Normandy so it’s easy to find one that best suits your needs. Cycle Around – Finally, if cycling is your preferred mode of transportation, then you’ll love cycling around Normandy’s stunning countryside on some of its beautiful country lanes.

What To See In Normandy

If you’re planning a trip to Normandy, there are plenty of things to see and do! From beautiful beaches and rolling countryside to world-renowned historical sites, here’s a guide on what you need to know before you go.

  • Normandy is a beautiful region in France that is home to many historical sites, including the D-Day beaches and Saint-Lô.
  • The area has a rich history dating back to the Roman era, and it was heavily fought over during the Second World War.
  • It is an excellent place to explore if you are interested in military history or just want to see some beautiful scenery.
  • There are plenty of attractions and things to do in Normandy, so be sure to plan your trip carefully before you go.
  • Make sure to visit the famous beaches and landmarks like Caen and Omaha Beach, as well as other interesting places like Saint-Lô and Bayeux.

Where To Stay In Normandy

Normandy is a beautiful destination that is well worth the trip if you are looking to explore France and its culture. There are many different types of lodging options in Normandy, so it’s easy to find the perfect place for your stay.

If you are looking for a homesteading experience, then consider staying in an authentic farmhouse or cottage. For those who want to be close to all of the attractions but not live in the city, consider staying in a seaside town like Hon fleur or Le Havre.

For those who want more space and want to be within walking distance of everything, consider staying in Villedieu-les-Poêles or Caen. There are also many luxurious resorts available in Normandy that will fit any budget. With all of these options available, it’s easy to find what fits your needs and desires when planning your trip to Normandy!

To Recap

To get to Normandy from England, you will need to take a flight to Paris and then board a ferry to Normandy.

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