How To Get To Gimmelwald?

If you’re looking for a day trip that offers stunning views, plenty of hiking and biking opportunities, and some relaxation in the town of Gimmelwald, Switzerland, then this is the perfect guide for you! In this article, we’ll outline how to get to Gimmelwald from most major cities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We’ll also include a few tips on what to do while in Gimmelwald to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


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How To Get To Gimmelwald

If you are keen on visiting the picturesque Gimmelwald, then there are a few ways in which you can get there. Firstly, take the S-Bahn to its station. From here, it is just a short walk to the main entrance of the resort.

Alternatively, if you would like to avoid walking, then take the cable car up to Gimmelwald. Finally, follow signs to Gimmelwald and enjoy your scenic ride!

Take The S-Bahn To Gimmelwald

If you’re looking to explore the area around Gimmelwald, then taking the S-Bahn is your best option. The ride takes about minutes and departs from various stations throughout Berlin.

You can purchase a ticket from the machines at the station or from ticket counters in some of the larger stores near by. The train offers beautiful views of the countryside as it meanders its way to Gimmelwald.

If you have time, you can also visit some of the small villages that dot the route. When arriving in Gimmelwald, be sure to walk through town and experience all that this charming village has to offer. On colder days, take advantage of the heated waiting room inside the station before boarding your train again for another journey into the Swiss Alps!

Take The Cable Car To Gimmelwald

Gimmelwald is a beautiful Swiss mountain town that is easily accessible by cable car. From the town center, take the cable car to the top of the mountain for stunning views.

The journey takes around minutes and there are several stops along the way so you can get out and take photos or enjoy the scenery. If you’re looking for something more challenging, hike up to Gimmelwald via one of its many trails.

If hiking isn’t your thing, then take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque village below the mountaintop station. Whether traveling on foot or by cable car, Gimmelwald is an ideal destination for a day trip from Zurich or Geneva.

Make sure to pack your passport as visas aren’t required for visits of less than days duration. Gimmelwald receives around , visitors each year making it one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations.

The town’s well-preserved architecture and natural beauty make it a great place to wander around without feeling rushed or stressed – perfect if you’re looking for some peace and quiet during your travels in Switzerland!

Don’t forget to savor a delicious meal in one of Gimmelwald’s restaurants after exploring its charming streets

Follow Signs To Gimmelwald

If you’re looking for a scenic drive in the Swiss Alps, check out Gimmelwald. This small town is located just outside of Bern and offers stunning views of the mountains and valleys below. To get there, follow the signs to Gimmelwald.

How To Get To Gimmelwald

The best way to get to Gimmelwald is by following the signs that will point you in the right direction. There are a few different ways that you can get to this beautiful Swiss destination, and all of them require a bit of planning and navigation.

Driving In The Snow

If you’re planning on driving to Gimmelwald during the winter, be sure to take precautions and prepare for any weather conditions that may come your way. It’s important to drive slowly and cautiously in slippery conditions, and use your headlights as much as possible.

Parking On The Street

When you arrive in Gimmelwald, don’t forget to find a parking spot on the street. This will help keep traffic moving and make it easier for pedestrians to get around town.

Taking Public Transport

If public transportation isn’t an option for you, consider renting a car or hiring a taxi instead. This will give you more flexibility when traveling to Gimmelwald and will also save you some money in the long run.

Checking Weather Conditions Before Traveling

Before you head out on your journey, it’s always worth checking current weather conditions in Gimmelwald so that you know what kind of gear you’ll need (e.g., snow boots, heavy jackets). It’s also important to keep an eye on road closures if there are any warnings issued for your area.

Driving Directions

To get to Gimmelwald, take the AAutobahn south from Zurich. At the intersection of the Aand Bremgarten-Thal road, turn left into Gimmelwald. Drive for about km until you reach a T-intersection with a small parking lot on your right (just after the bridge over the river).

Turn left here and drive for another km until you reach the village center (the “small town”). The village center is located on your left side just before you reach the ski resort entrance gate. From December t to March t, please park in the yellow zone marked “Gimmelwald Zentrum” in front of the tourist office on Bahnhofstrasse (next to Hotel Chillon).

On other days of the year, please park in one of two pay lots next to hotel Chillon or at Kronenberger Strasse across from Stadtkirche (both have a blue “Gimmelwald” sign). If driving from Bern, follow these directions: Take exit number onto highway Anorthbound toward Lucerne and Freiburg im Breisgau.

After about km you will see a gas station on your right hand side, immediately after this gas station turn right onto Bundesstrasse and continue following it for about km until you see a small green triangle with an arrow pointing towards Gimmelwald above Bahnhofstrasse/Basler Strasse which is well signposted.

You can also follow this route online [link] If driving from Geneva, take exit number onto highway Asouthbound toward Lausanne and Vevey. Follow directions above starting at “exit number but instead of turning onto Bundesstrasse after the gas station, stay on highway Aall the way to Basle whereupon you will take.

Bundesstrasse westward for approx km until you reach Basler Strasse/Bahnhofstrasse which is also well signposted; alternatively, if using Google Maps [link], enter “Gimmelwald” as your destination and follow instructions accordingly!

Once in Gimmelwald, be sure not to miss out on some of Switzerland’s most stunning scenery by checking out one of its many hiking trails that run through the valley!

What To See On The Way

If you’re looking to see some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland, head to Gimmelwald. This mountain village is home to picturesque lakes and rolling hills, and makes a great stop on your way to or from the Alps.

Gimmelwald is a small village located in the Swiss Alps. It is home to the world’s second-highest mountain, Grütli, and offers visitors stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The village is also known for its skiing facilities, which are among the best in Europe. There are over 30 kilometers of ski runs, including several high-altitude slopes.

Gimmelwald is also known for its hiking trails, which offer hikers a variety of different routes to explore. Some of these trails lead up to some of Switzerland’s most impressive peaks.

The village has a number of shops and restaurants, as well as a hotel and spa. It is also home to a number of tourist attractions, including an ice skating rink and an outdoor cinema.


If you’re planning a trip to Gimmelwald, be sure to check out the accommodations options available. The town has a wide range of hotels, hostels and other lodging options, all of which can accommodate different types of guests. Be sure to research each option carefully before making your booking.

  • For those planning on spending a day or two in Gimmelwald, there are a few options for accommodations. One option is to stay in the town itself and explore the sights and attractions that the area has to offer. There are a number of hotels and guesthouses located in the center of town, as well as a range of other accommodation options such as camping grounds and B&Bs.
  • If you’re looking for an escape from the city, then staying in one of the many nearby villages may be the perfect solution for you. These villages offer a more rustic experience and are ideal if you’re looking for something more peaceful and secluded than Gimmelwald’s bustling streets.
  • Finally, if you’re travelling with friends or family members, it can be helpful to book an apartment or villa together in order to save on costs and make sure everyone has their own space. This way, you can all relax together while enjoying each other’s company during your stay in Gimmelwald.

To Recap

To get to Gimmelwald, you will need to take the train from Zurich. The journey takes around 3 hours and costs around 8 Swiss Francs. Alternatively, you can also take a bus or a taxi.

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