How To Get From Zurich Airport To Lucerne?

If you’re arriving in Lucerne from Zurich Airport, there are a few things you need to know before getting into town. Here is a guide on how to get from the airport to Lucerne: The best way to get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne is by car.

If you’re coming by train, take the S-Bahn line Sand get off at Station Zollhausen. You can also take the bus lines or and get off at Bahnhofstrasse/Zollhausenplatz stop. Finally, if you’re coming by plane, take the train ride to Zürich Airport and then take a taxi or shuttle service to your final destination in Lucerne.


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How To Get From Zurich Airport To Lucerne

If you are looking to get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, the best option would be to take the S-Bahn and then take the bus from Lucerne Central Station. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi from either of these two locations.

Take The S-Bahn To Lucerne

To get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, take the S-Bahn. The ride will only take about minutes and is a great way to see the city from a different perspective. You’ll also find many interesting stops along the way that you can explore.

If travelling with luggage, be sure to check the baggage allowance before boarding the train. For a more scenic route, try taking the Lugano–Bellinzona railway instead of the S-Bahn. Both routes have beautiful landscapes and are worth experiencing for yourself! If your schedule allows it, make sure to enjoy some snacks or drinks on board while travelling in Switzerland.

Although travelling by train can be a bit of an adventure, it’s definitely worth it when visiting this beautiful country!

Take The Bus From Lucerne Central Station To The Town Of Villars

If you’re traveling from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, take the bus from Lucerne Central Station to the town of Villars. The bus ride takes around minutes and costs CHF per person.

You can buy your ticket at the central station before boarding or on the bus itself. The buses run daily between m and m, so there’s no need to worry about missing your connection.

If you’re arriving in Villars after dark, make sure to ask the driver for instructions on how to get to your destination safely. If you have any questions or concerns while traveling, don’t hesitate to ask the bus driver or another passenger onboard.

Villars is a small town with shops, restaurants, and hotels available if needed during your stay in Switzerland. If you find yourself wanting to explore more of Switzerland during your trip, be sure to check out other towns along the way including Grandson and Rigi Kaltbad .

Although it may cost a bit more than taking a taxi, using public transportation can save you money in the long run by cutting down on gas costs and speeding up your travel time overall. Don’t forget – buses stop frequently en route so getting off and on will not be an issue!

Walk From Villars Or Take A Taxi

If you’re flying into Zurich airport and want to get to Lucerne, there are a few options open to you. You can take the train or bus from Zurich airport, but if you’re looking for an easy journey, a taxi might be better suited for you.


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The cost of a taxi from Zurich airport is usually reasonable, and it will save you time too. If taking the taxi is not an option for some reason, there are other ways to get from Zurich airport to Lucerne as well. Walking is an option if you have enough time before your flight leaves and the weather is good.

Or, you can take public transportation from Zurich airport as well- just be aware that it takes longer than a taxi would and costs more money overall. Just be sure to research all of your options before making your final decision about where to go from Zurich airport to Lucerne- this could make the trip much easier for you.


Trains run frequently between Zurich airport and Lucerne, so getting from one to the other is simple. You can purchase tickets online or at a railway station before boarding your train.

If you are travelling with children, be aware that some trains have designated carriages for them. The journey takes about two hours and costs about CHF per person one-way. If you are travelling during peak season (June through September), be prepared for increased crowds and longer wait times at the stations.

Make sure to pack snacks, water bottles, and sunscreen as the weather in Switzerland varies greatly throughout the year. To avoid any hassles on your trip, make arrangements in advance with friends or family who live in either city and can meet you at the station to take you directly home. Although trains run frequently between Zurich airport and Lucerne, they may not always be running when you need them to be due to track maintenance or delays on other lines of transport in the area.

For an easy ride with no hassles, consider purchasing a Eurail pass which gives holders unlimited travel within Europe for a set period of time (usually months). Whatever route you decide upon, know that there is usually someone waiting to help you get where you need to go.


Driving from Zurich Airport to Lucerne can be a tedious process if you’re not familiar with the area. The best way to avoid any hassles is research your route in advance and have a map of Switzerland handy.


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Make sure you have all of the necessary documents (driver’s license, car registration, proof of insurance) before leaving for Switzerland. If you plan on staying overnight in Lucerne or anywhere else in Switzerland, make sure to reserve your room ahead of time.

Drive slowly and take your time crossing the Swiss Alps; accidents happen during holiday travel every year. Find an open parking spot as soon as you reach Lucerne and fill out the registration form as soon as possible. Roads in Switzerland can be narrow and winding, so keep your eyes peeled for oncoming traffic while driving between cities/towns.

The Swiss Alps are stunning when seen from the road but they’re even more beautiful from a distance! It’s always a good idea to stop for lunch or dinner at least once during your trip; try one of the local restaurants or cafes that line the streets of quaint villages throughout Switzerland! Have fun exploring Switzerland – it’s definitely worth the effort.


One of the best ways to see Switzerland is by flying into Zurich Airport. Flybus provides a comfortable and convenient way to get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, one of the most beautiful Swiss cities.

The Flybus service departs from both Terminal and Terminal making it easy to find your way to the bus stop. Flybus operates on a fixed schedule and leaves every minutes during daytime hours and every hour during nighttime hours.

There is no need for reservations or tickets, as Flybus runs on a first-come, first-served basis. Although Flybus is not cheap, it is worth it for its convenience and stunning views of Switzerland’s countryside. If you are traveling with children, be sure to book their seats well in advance as the buses can get crowded quickly.

When boarding the bus, make sure you have your ticket ready so that no one will be forced to pay twice for their ticket when getting off at their destination in Lucerne. Be sure to drink plenty of water before boarding the bus as dehydration can happen quickly in a hot climate like Switzerland’s summers! Remember that Switzerland is a very small country and visiting all of its attractions will require some planning ahead—but the convenience of Flybus makes it easy to do just that!

How To Get From Lucerne To Zurich Airport

To get from Lucerne to Zurich airport, follow these simple steps: Take the S-Bahn to Brig and change to a bus heading for Zürich Airport. The bus will drop you off right at the main entrance of the airport.

From there, it’s just a short walk to your gate. If you’re departing Zurich early in the morning, make sure to check out our Guide To Getting Around Zurich Before You Leave! And if you have any other questions about getting between Lucerne and Zürich, be sure to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.



There are a few ways to get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne. The most direct route is to take the train, which takes around hours and costs about CHF per person. Alternatively, you can drive – the trip will take around hours and cost around CHF per person.

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