How To Get From Sorrento To Sicily?

If you’re planning a trip to Sicily, you’ll want to know how to get from Sorrento to Sicily. While there are many different routes that one could take, the quickest and easiest way is by car.

However, if you don’t have a car or if you would rather not drive, then there are plenty of other ways to get there as well.

Sorrento To Sicily

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How To Get From Sorrento To Sicily

Sorrento is a town located in the province of Naples, on the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento is best known for its stunning Renaissance architecture and for being the birthplace of Pomponio Gnecchi de’ Bellori, an Italian painter of the h century.

Getting from Sorrento to Sicily can be done in a number of ways: by plane, boat or car. The most direct way would be to fly into Catania Airport and then take a bus or taxi to Palermo. Alternatively, you could take a ferry from Naples. Driving from Sorrento to Sicily takes about four hours.

The best way to get around is by foot; it takes around two and a half hours to reach Palermo from Sorrento by walking.


Sicily is a beautiful destination to visit, whether you’re looking for beaches or mountains. One of the easiest ways to get there is by flying into Naples and then taking a bus or train to Sorrento.

If you want to stay in Sorrento, there are many Airbnb rentals that can accommodate your needs. Once you’ve found an Airbnb rental, it’s important to plan your trip carefully so that you don’t miss any of the most popular attractions.

There are many things to do in Sorrento and it can be hard to decide what to see and do first. The best way to experience Sorrento is by spending time walking around the city and getting acquainted with its history and culture. Another great way to spend your time in Sorrento is by enjoying the sunset from one of its many beaches or hillsides.

If hiking or biking sounds like fun, consider visiting nearby Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano .. If wine isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty of other activities and attractions available in Sorrento as well, including shopping and dining at local restaurants. Whether you’re planning a short trip or an extended stay, Sicily will offer everything that you’re looking for.

Take A Boat

Take a boat trip from Sorrento to Sicily and see the beautiful coastline and villages. There are many different types of boats you can take on your trip, so choose one that is perfect for you.


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You’ll be able to enjoy the view while sailing down the Tyrrhenian Sea or cruising along the stunning Mediterranean Coastlines. Make sure to book your trip well in advance and find a reputable company that offers great rates and service.

Pack lightly as there is no need to bring food or anything extra since you will be dining out at various ports of call. The weather in Sicily can be unpredictable, so make sure to pack rain gear if necessary. Be sure to arrive early in the morning so you can explore the local towns before they get too busy.

If you have kids with you, make sure they are entertained by visiting some of the interesting attractions close by like ancient ruins or water parks! Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and memories of your amazing voyage when you return home.


If you’re considering a road trip from Sorrento to Sicily, be sure to plan ahead. Check the weather forecast and make sure your car is in good condition before hitting the open road.


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Make sure you have enough food and water for the drive, as well as entertainment for the long journey. It can be helpful to research different routes beforehand so that you can get the most out of your trip.

Take breaks along the way, even if it means stopping for coffee or snacks in small towns. Don’t forget to take photos and memories of your amazing journey! When arriving in Sicily, don’t miss out on exploring Palermo and its beautiful architecture.

Be sure to book your stay in advance when visiting either town – they get crowded quickly! Drive safely and enjoy the ride – you deserve it.


Sicily is a beautiful place and there are many ways to get there. One way is by walking, which is an easy and affordable way to tour the island. Walking can take you through charming villages and along the coastlines.

The best time to walk in Sicily would be during spring and summer when the weather is warm and sunny. There are also plenty of walks that can be done in autumn, winter, or even during rainy season if you’re able to brave it! Make sure you pack snacks, water, a map, and clothing that can handle varying temperatures as Sicily can be quite hot or cold at different times of year.

Walking can also be great for people who want to see more than one city on their trip to Sicily – each city has its own unique attractions that are worth exploring! And lastly, make sure you research what routes are best suited for your walking tour before you leave – some trails may be easier or more challenging than others.

Flight Times From Sorrento To Sicily

Flying from Sorrento to Sicily is easy with a variety of carriers and flights departing daily. The best time to book your flight is early in the morning or in the evening, when fares are lowest.

Airlines offer different types of deals for purchasing tickets in advance, such as discounted rates and bonus miles. Flights can be expensive so it’s important to research all the airlines that fly out of Sorrento before making your decision.

Some people prefer flying with an Italian airline because they have better customer service and more amenities on board their planes. Flying into Sicily is also an option and can provide a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to avoid long airport lines and delays, consider booking your flight ahead of time online or through an app like TripAdvisor .Flying from Sorrento to Sicily takes about two hours but can vary depending on the airline you choose and the time of year you travel.

When arriving in Sicily, make sure to take into account local customs and regulations before getting off the plane! So whether flying domestically or internationally, planning ahead will save you time and money in the end.

Car Rentals In Sorrento

If you are looking for a great way to explore Sorrento and Sicily, look no further than car rentals. Car rental companies can help you find the perfect vehicle and rental rates for your needs.

Along with finding the best rates, car rental agencies can provide helpful information about destinations in Sorrento and Sicily. You can also take advantage of special deals that car rental companies offer from time to time.

Whether you plan to stay for a few hours or days, car rentals make it easy to get around Sorrento and Sicily as you please. With so much to see and do in Sorrento and Sicily, renting a car is the perfect way to get started! When searching for the best rates on car rentals in Sorrento and Sicily, don’t forget to compare different agencies online.

You may also want to consider using a credit card when booking your vehicle through a car rental agency in Sorrento or Sicily. Make sure you have all of your passport information ready before making your reservation-car rental agencies require this information prior to pick up of the vehicle! Finally, be sure to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, water bottles and snacks-you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation even more if you’re well-prepared.


From Sorrento, take the Amotorway to Palermo. From Palermo, take the SS to Catania. From Catania, take the SS to Syracuse. From Syracuse, take the SS to Catania. From Catania, take the SS to Sorrento.

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