How To Get From Sagrada Familia To Parc Guell?

If you are looking to visit Sagrada Familia, but don’t want to trek all the way up to the top of Montjuïc, then you might want to consider visiting Parc Guell instead. Located just a few minutes away from the famed cathedral, this park is sure to please even the most demanding visitor. One of the biggest benefits of visiting Parc Guell is that it is free to enter.

This means that there is no need to spend money on tickets or vouchers in order to explore the park. Plus, with so many attractions to see, you’ll likely have plenty of time to spend here even if you only have a short visit. Another great thing about Parc Guell is that it is home to some of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks, including the Mirador de les Aigües (Viewpoint of the Waters) and the Torre de la Música (Music Tower).

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax or something more excitement-packed, this park has something for everyone.

Get From Sagrada Familia To Parc Guell

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How To Get From Sagrada Familia To Parc Guell

To get from Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell, you can take the tram, walk, or take the bus. However, the best option depends on your destination and time of day.

Take The Tram

Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. To get to the church from anywhere in the city, take the tram.

Riding on the tram takes you through some of the city’s most beautiful neighborhoods and attractions, including La Rambla, Placa Reial, and Parc Guell. The journey is easy to follow with signs in English and Spanish that point out all of the sights along the way.

If you want to linger over lunch or explore some of the smaller streets off of La Rambla, be sure to buy your ticket in advance online or at a kiosk near your stop. Tickets cost €for adults and €for children ages six to eighteen years old, payable with coins or tokens purchased at machines located inside each tram car.

Trams run every five minutes during daylight hours from am until midnight daily, with an extra hour of service on Sundays from am until pm so that people can enjoy a morning walk to church! If travelling by tram isn’t your thing, there are also buses that depart from various parts of town for Sagrada Familia as well as other nearby attractions such as Camp Nou football stadium and La Pedrera quarries (for those who enjoy a little more walking).

For anyone travelling with luggage, note that trams do not have any racks to store large items like suitcases; however, they do have small spaces near each door where you can place them while riding (just be sure they don’t obstruct any view!). In case you get lost along the way or need assistance getting off at your final destination, there are always staff members stationed at each stop ready to help.


To get from Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell, take the Lline of the Metro and exit at Plaça del Rei. From there, walk north on Carrer Sant Miquel until you reach Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

Cross Carrer de Montserrat and continue walking until you reach Plaça de la Reina Sofia. Head west on Carrer Nou and turn left onto Carrer dels Banys Vells. Turn right onto Carrer d’en Blanqueres and follow it until you reach Plaça Reial.

Head south on Carrer de San Jerónimo until you reach Passeig de Gràcia. Take a right onto Passeig de Gràcia and walk all the way to the oceanfront before turning around to head back home! Although it is a bit long, this route offers a great view of Barcelona’s skyline as you walk by some of its most iconic landmarks.

Make sure to bring adequate water with you as there are few places to refill your water bottle on this walk! When considering a walk like this, be aware that weather conditions can change rapidly in Barcelona so always pack an umbrella if needed.

Take The Bus

Barcelona’s public transportation system is one of the best in Europe, and it’s very easy to use. You can purchase a T-Ticket or an E-Ticket which will allow you unlimited travel on the buses and metro during your stay in Barcelona.

There are several types of buses that run through Barcelona including express buses, local buses, and tourist buses. Buses run frequently throughout the city so getting around is simple and affordable. The metro system is also very efficient and runs throughout the center of Barcelona.

The metro has multiple lines that run through different parts of the city making it easy to get where you need to go without having to take a bus or metro twice. To plan your trip, use the Trip Planner at If you have any questions about using the public transportation system in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to ask a bus driver or Metro guide for help! Be aware of your surroundings when taking public transportation because pickpockets operate in busy areas like Plaça Reial and La Rambla .

Never leave valuable items unattended on public transportation – especially on crowded buses or subways.

By Train

There are several ways to get from Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell, but the most popular option is by train.To reach Sagrada Familia by train, you can take the Metro Lline and exit at Plaça de Catalunya.

From there, continue on foot to Sagrada Familia.Parc Guell is also easily accessible by train. From Barcelona Sants station, take the Metro Lline and exit at Passeig de Gràcia. Head north on Passeig de Gràcia until you reach Plaça d’Espanya.

From there, it’s a short walk to Parc Güell.

By Bus

If you’re looking to see some of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks, you’ll want to take the bus. With so many stops throughout the city, there’s no reason not to get off and explore! Bus travel is a great option for tourists and locals alike; it’s affordable, efficient, and comfortable.

You can find all of the information you need about bus routes on the official website or by calling a local operator. When planning your trip, make sure to account for traffic and potential delays; buses are always crowded during peak hours. It’s also advised to arrive at the stop early in order to secure a seat.

Don’t forget your passport – buses may stop at random points along their route to pick up passengers! Make sure you have enough money with you – fares vary depending on time of day and route taken. And finally, be courteous – let other passengers know when getting off and getting on the bus.

By Car

To visit Sagrada Familia by car, you will first need to find the address. The best way to get there is by using public transportation or renting a car. Driving can be an option if you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind taking your time getting there.

You could also take a taxi if you’re not comfortable driving or renting a car. Parking at Sagrada Familia can be difficult, so plan ahead and research the best places to park. There are plenty of paid parking options as well as free spots close to the church.

If you want to save some money, consider walking or taking the bus between the museum and Parc Guell afterwards. Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and water with you on your visit to Sagrada Familia! The weather in Barcelona can change quickly, so dress appropriately for the conditions outside of the museum grounds.

Bring along some Euros if you’d like to purchase any religious artifacts while visiting Sagrada Familia.


To get from Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell, visitors can take buses or taxis. Buses depart frequently from the Plaça de Sant Jaume and take around minutes to reach the park.

Taxis can be found at the Plaça de Catalunya and cost around €€per person depending on the time of day and destination. Visitors should be sure to make reservations in advance as demand for transportation is high during peak tourist season.

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