How To Get From Rome To Positano Italy?

If you’re looking to make a vacation out of exploring the beautiful villages of Italy, then Positano is definitely worth considering! Located along the Amalfi Coast, this charming town is only a short drive from Rome.

Here are some tips on how to get there: Fly into Rome and take a bus or train to Positano. If driving, take the Amotorway south from Rome. Exit at Salerno and follow the signs for Positano. For those staying in Rome, there are plenty of affordable accommodations available near both the Termini Station and Piazza Venezia.

The views alone are worth spending a few days in Positano! Be sure to wander around the old village and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and coastline cliffs. Museums like Villa San Giovanni offer an insight into local history while also showcasing some impressive artwork collections. Finally, don’t forget to savor traditional Italian cuisine at one of the many restaurants dotting Positano’s streets.

Get From Rome To Positano Italy

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How To Get From Rome To Positano Italy

If you are looking to explore the beautiful Coast of Italy, then flying with EasyJet is the best way to go. From Rome, you can easily fly to Naples and then drive to Positano.

Alternatively, you can take the train from Rome to Naples and then continue your journey by driving to Positano. Whichever route you decide on, it will be an experience that you will never forget!

Fly With Easyjet

One way to get from Rome to Positano Italy is by flying with EasyJet. Fly with EasyJet and enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea while you travel. You can book your tickets online or through one of their call centers.

Pick a flight that will best fit your needs and travel on a weekday to save money. Bring along snacks, water, and some reading material for the long flight. When you arrive in Positano, be sure to take a walk down the picturesque pier and admire the view from the waterfront promenade.

If you have more time, explore the town of Positano and its many shops and restaurants before returning home. To make traveling to Positano even easier, use our easy guide below to plan your trip! Flying with EasyJet is an affordable way to see this beautiful part of Italy without having to spend a fortune on transportation costs or hotels.

Be sure to add Positano Italy to your travel bucket list!

Train From Rome To Naples

The journey from Rome to Naples by train can be a memorable experience. Trains offer a scenic view of Italy’s landscape as they pass through small towns and villages. You can find out about the history of the towns you pass by on your way, as well as learn about the people who live there.

If travelling in the wintertime, make sure to pack warm clothes and sturdy shoes because the trains can be quite cold. Most trains run overnight, so you will sleep comfortably during your trip. Travelling by train is an affordable option that allows you to see all of Italy without having to stay on one specific route.

There are many different types of trains that travel between Rome and Naples, so choose the one that best suits your needs. Book your tickets online before traveling so you won’t have any trouble getting on or off the train when you arrive in Naples. Be aware of local customs when travelling in Italy – some things, such as eating habits, may be different than what you are used to back home.

For an exciting and unique travel experience, take a train journey from Rome to Naples!

Drive From Naples To Positano

Naples is a bustling city with plenty of tourist attractions, but if you’re looking for a slower paced vacation, Positano may be the perfect destination for you. Driving from Naples to Positano is straightforward and there are many direct routes available.

To avoid long wait times at the border and traffic jams in Naples, make your trip early in the morning or later in the evening. If driving time is not an issue, consider taking public transportation between Naples and Positano instead of driving. Avoid staying in one place for too long while visiting Positano as it can get quite crowded and noisy during peak season.

In terms of food, seafood is a popular dish in both Naples and Positano so be sure to pack some snacks along with you on your journey. Be prepared for hot weather while traveling to Positano as summers can be quite hot there. Make sure to pack sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses when travelling to Positano as the sun can be harsh . Although there are plenty of activities to do in Positano, avoid spending too much time on the beach as it’s prone to strong waves and currents .

If all you want is a relaxed vacation without all the hustle and bustle of cities like Rome or Naples, then Positano may be just what you’re looking for!

The Routes To Take

Travelling from Rome to Positano in Italy is possible by plane, train, or car. Flights are the most expensive option and can cost between € and € per person depending on the time of year.

The cheapest way to get there is by train which takes around six hours and costs €each way. Driving takes about three hours and will cost you around € per day, while taking the bus will cost you just over €per day.

Planning your route is essential when travelling to Italy because there are so many different ways to get there. Some tourists choose to take a cruise down the Amalfi Coast or visit Pompeii and Herculaneum before arriving in Positano.

If you want more of a touristic experience, then hiring a local guide is a great way to go about it! Positano itself only has a population of about people but it’s definitely worth visiting for its stunning views and beauty alone! Don’t forget your passport – Italian visas are not required for citizens of most countries but they may be required if you stay longer than days! Make sure you pack your sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes – Italy can be hot!

How Much It Will Cost

When it comes to traveling, there are many ways to get from Rome to Positano Italy, but the amount of money you will spend on each method is dependent on a few factors. The cheapest and most common way to travel between these two destinations is by train.

However, if you have time and want an adventure, then you can choose to take a bus instead. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, then flying may be your best option. Although planes can be expensive, they also offer more flexibility in terms of when you can travel and what type of transportation you will use.

Car rental services are also available between these two destinations, but they tend to be more expensive than other methods of transportation. If you plan to stay in one place for an extended period of time, then staying in a hotel may be the best option for you. When deciding which type of accommodation to choose, it’s important to consider what amenities and services the hotel offers that are relevant to your interests or needs as a traveler.

Another factor you should consider when choosing where to stay is the price; some hotels are cheaper than others while providing similar levels of service or amenities. Ultimately, the amount of money you invest in planning your trip will depend on your budget and what activities or attractions you would like to see while in Positano Italy or Rome Italy

What To Bring

When traveling to Italy, it is important to have a plan and know what to bring with you. Here are some essentials: Passport – Make sure to have your passport ready in case of any problems while in Italy.

Money – It is always a good idea to bring some cash with you just in case something happens and you need to purchase something on the spot. Phone Charger – A phone charger is also a must for your trip as there may be times when you can’t get reception or need to make calls during your travels.

Sunscreen – Bring sunscreen if you’re planning on spending time outdoors as it can be quite hot in Italy during the summertime. Bug Spray – Another thing to bring if traveling to Italy during the summertime is bug spray as mosquitoes can be pesky! Some snacks or drinkables – If traveling by plane, it’s a good idea to pack some snacks and drinks so that you don’t have to reach for anything throughout your trip.

Camera – Whether traveling for leisure or work, it’s always helpful to have a camera with you so that you can capture all the beautiful moments along the way.


If you’re looking to get from Rome to Positano Italy, the best way to do so is by plane. However, if you’d rather not spend the money on flights and want to see more of Italy while you’re on vacation, then taking the bus is a better option.

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