How Do I Get From Naples Airport To Sorrento?

If you’re flying into Naples Airport and would like to get to Sorrento, then you’ll need to take a taxi. Alternatively, there are some buses that go from the airport to Sorrento.

However, these buses can be quite expensive, so it might be better to take a taxi if you don’t have much luggage.

Get From Naples Airport To Sorrento

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How Do I Get From Naples Airport To Sorrento

If you are travelling to Sorrento, then the best way to get there is by taking the AFreeway North and exiting at the Naples/Marco Island exit. From there, stay on the freeway and take the Sorrento Parkway exit.

Turn right (west) onto Sorrento Parkway and drive to the end. Turn left (north) onto Collier Boulevard and drive to the end. Turn right (east) onto Amalfi Drive and drive to the end. Turn left (south) onto Capri Avenue.

The hotel is located on Capri Avenue.

Take The A1 Freeway North

Naples Airport to Sorrento is about miles and can be driven in under two hours. Take the AFreeway North from Naples Airport and get off at the interchange for I- Follow I-eastbound until you reach the exit for SR-, then take that exit and drive north on SR- for about miles.

Turn left onto SR-and drive for about miles until you reach Sorrento Village Road. Turn right onto Sorrento Village Road and drive mile until you reach Casa di Amici Resort & Spa. The resort will be on your right after minutes of driving, just past a golf course entrance gate.

Check in at the front desk and enjoy your stay.

Naples Airport To Sorrento

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Exit At The Naples/Marco Island Exit

If you’re traveling from Naples Airport to Sorrento, Exit at the Naples/Marco Island exit. From here, take a left onto Marco Island Parkway and then take a right onto Collier Boulevard.

Drive for about miles and turn left on Via dei Mille into Sorrento Village. The Bottega del Vetro is located on your right at the end of Via dei Mille. This store offers both window treatments and artisanal glassware for purchase.

Parking can be found in the lot behind the store or along Via dei Mille itself. You’ll also find several restaurants, shops, and art galleries in Sorrento Village including: La Grotta di Apollo, Il Giardino d’Estate, and L’Atelier Giorgio Armani Fine Jewelry Boutique & Gallery.

To get back to Naples Airport, follow the same directions but take a left onto Collier Boulevard when you reach Marco Island Parkway and then take a right onto Via dei Mille back into Naples Airport proper

Stay On The Freeway And Take The Sorrento Parkway Exit

If you are flying into Naples Airport, the best way to get to Sorrento is by taking the freeway and following the signs for Sorrento Parkway. The exit will be just before you reach Naples.

Once on the freeway, stay on it until you reach the exit for Sorrento Parkway. Make a left at the intersection and drive down the long road that goes through Naples countryside. You will eventually come to an entrance gate to a private resort called Villa Casa di Amici.

Drive up to the gate and stop in your designated spot. After parking, follow the signage directing you to Villa Casa di Amici where you can enjoy all of its amenities including stunning views of Vesuvius from your balcony or poolside room! Villa Casa di Amici is open year-round so there is no need to worry about weather conditions when planning your trip! Note that Villa Casa di Amici does not have any guestrooms available for overnight stays, but they do offer self-catering apartments that can accommodate up to people! For those who want more privacy while staying in Sorrento, consider booking one of their villas with its own private pool and garden area!

Turn Right (West) Onto Sorrento Parkway And Drive To The End

From Naples Airport, take the Sorrento Parkway exit and drive west to the end. If you’re driving from the east or from the south, continue on Sorrento Parkway and take the first right onto Amalfi Drive.

Naples Airport To Sorrento

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If you’re traveling from elsewhere in Naples, follow directions based on your location. When reaching the end of the Sorrento Parkway, turn left (west) onto Via dei Fiori and drive to Piazza Umberto I. Once in Piazza Umberto I, turn right (north) onto Via Roma and drive to Piazzetta San Marco.

Parking is available in both streets surrounding Piazza Umberto I—just look for signs saying “Paid parking.” You can also find a number of restaurants and shops along Via Roma before arriving at Piazzetta San Marco. Alternatively, if you’d like to see more of Sorrento before departing for your destination, continue north on Via Roma to reach its endpoint at Punta Grande Beachfront Park.

After spending some time at one of these two destinations, return to Via Roma and turn left (east) back onto Sorrento Parkway toward Naples Airport; it’s just a short distance away!

Turn Left (North) Onto Collier Boulevard And Drive To The End

From Naples International Airport, take the exit for Collier Boulevard and drive to the end. Turn left (north) onto Collier Boulevard and drive to the end. Turn right (east) onto Via dei Serpenti and then turn left (north) onto Via delle Terme di Caracalla.

Turn right (west) onto Via delle Terme di Caracalla and then turn left (north) onto Via degli Scavi Apropiatori. Turn right (south) onto Via degli Scavi Apropiatori and then turn left (east) onto Via della Birraria Vecchia. The hotel is located on the right side of the street, just past the intersection with Via della Birraria Vecchia.

If you need assistance finding your way around Sorrento, please don’t hesitate to ask a local! Sorrento is well known for its wine production so be sure to taste some while in town!

Turn Right (East) Onto Amalfi Drive, Drive To The End, And Turn Left (South) Onto Capri Avenue. The Hotel Is Located On Capri Avenue

Driving from Naples Airport to Sorrento can be a daunting task, but by following these simple directions you’ll be on your way in no time. To get to Sorrento from Naples Airport, follow the signs for Amalfi Drive and Capri Avenue.

When you reach the end of Amalfi Drive, turn left (south) onto Capri Avenue and the hotel will be located just a few blocks down on your right hand side. Remember that it’s important to drive slowly in this narrow and winding road – there are plenty of cars parked along the roadside! If you’re feeling adventurous, stop at one of the many scenic viewpoints en route to Sorrento.

The drive is definitely worth it though, as Sorrento is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beaches. Don’t forget to take pictures or video while you’re out driving – you won’t regret it! Finally, once you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure to enjoy a relaxing evening in front of the fire at the hotel’s poolside bar or on the beachfront terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

By Car

Driving from Naples Airport to Sorrento can be a long and tiring journey, but it’s definitely doable with the right directions. If you want to avoid the traffic and crowds in Naples, take the scenic route by driving south on I-until you reach Naples Harbour.

From here, follow signs to the Atoll road and then drive east until you reach Route Take Route north until youreach Sorrento, making sure to take the exit for the town of Amalfi. Once in Sorrento, follow signs to Positano or Ravello before arriving at your final destination: Villa d’Este.

If you have more time, explore some of the other charming villages along Route such as Praiano or Salerno . Driving from Naples Airport is definitely an option if you want to avoid the hassle of public transportation; however, it might not be your best choice if you have heavy luggage or a large car.

There are plenty of tour companies that offer shuttles between Naples Airport and Villa D’Este so make arrangements well in advance if this is your preferred way to travel. Parking at Villa D’Este can be difficult during busy times, so consider booking a room in advance or using public transportation if possible With these tips in mind, getting from Naples Airport to Sorrento should be a breeze.

to recap

The best way to get from Naples Airport to Sorrento is by renting a car. Alternatively, you can take the bus or train. Finally, if you want to walk, make sure to bring enough supplies and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

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